DW Productions offers a full spectrum of creative services, ranging from collaborating with writers to make a good song a great song… to producing a killer vocal performance in the studio… to remixing existing Pro Tools sessions… to mastering completed mixes for CD release. I've produced many artists, in a wide range of musical styles, and find working with talent of different experience levels to be an exciting challenge.

Mastering at DW Productions

I´ve had many mixes mastered by the "Big Name" Mastering Houses, and although they have always sounded louder, they haven't necessarily sounded better. Sometimes the impact of certain important frequencies vital to MY mix has changed. Or everything has been so compressed that it sounds harsh with very little dynamic range. To be fair, I have been pleasantly surprised and, on occasion, blown away by what a great mastering job has done to enhance my mix. But more times than not, I have been disappointed, so...

In 2000 I decided to take matters into my own hands. I got the tools, read every mastering article I could get my hands on and after many hundreds of hours mastering, and sometimes re-mastering the same song many different ways, I have learned how and when to apply multi-band compression, EQ and gain maximization. When mastering, a good mix can become a very good mix and a great mix can take on a magical quality.

The Truth

Not all mix problems can be corrected, especially if the mix is overly compressed, severely clipped, or if the vocals or other key elements are buried in the mix. But I do focus on each song and mix within its own musical context to enhance its strengths and mask the flaws wherever possible.

Occasionally a mix is particularly problematic, in which case I may point out areas of concern and recommend you listen again with a fresh perspective or have you give me the raw mix you hopefully kept before someone tried to ´pre-master´ it. Many times, a few simple tweaks made to your mix will significantly help your final product.

A few great songs are worth 100 good songs. If they don't sound as good or better than what's getting signed, getting airplay and selling, then it's probably either a learning experience or an exercise in futility.

Bring your mixes to someone who knows and cares. Please contact me for more info on preparing your tracks for mastering.