"Working with David is like working with a skilled carpenter who has mastered his craft from years of hard work and effort… he merges creativity, exceptional engineering skills, and a level of dedication and professionalism that is hard to find in the music arena in one package. I consider it a privilege that I was able to work with him and I look forward to many more wonderful times in the studio with David in the future."
– Syreeta Ziegler, R&B –

"I walked into Dave's studio not knowing exactly what to expect from a working perspective. I was not sure if our creative moods and thoughts would vibe. I am pleased to say that Dave and I have a great working relationship. Dave respected what I wanted and what I had to offer, and I did the same. He was very easy to work with, and the end product was a professional track that could rival anything out there today… Thanks Dave, looking forward to working with you again."
– Chrystal Carpenter, Pop –

"I love working with Dave. I've sent two or three people to work with him and I don't know anybody who records with him who's not happy. He knows how to be a chameleon, how to change a little bit to make you comfortable. His ear is crystal clear." – Amarra Ellis, Atlanta Urban artist –

"Dave's a great guy, a cool guy. He has no hang-ups about people, no stereotypes. And he knows his music. His range surprised me the most. He knows about different types of music, whereas a lot of people these days are stuck in one area, or closed-minded. Not Dave, he's down to earth and a good guy to work with."
– Sean "C'no" Pickens, Flint, MI Hip-Hop artist –

"I really enjoyed working with David. We put our creative thoughts and ideas together to create a great song. Not only did he help to enhance my vocal and writing skills, but he offered good direction and insight on my project. He definitely has what it takes to make great records"
– Natasha Lemons, Gospel –